Many of you are wondering... Why? Why an online store?   Well why not?  :)  The proceeds from the store sales will go towards all of the bills of PIWIZARD.    Whats left I would like to give back to the large community of PIWIZARD and do give aways where you the members of PIWIZARD will have a chance at winning either merch from the store or PI related stuff!   Prices seem High?  Your right they are lol, sadly I do not have MUCH control of the cost of things, im a gamer not a retailer, that said, they are priced to make the most difference for the group in a whole.  Another thing to note is that although the items do seem costly, they are only $1 - $4 over the actual cost of the item! 

So Thank you for visiting the PIWIZARD Gaming Online Store and I hope you stop by again!